MEET LA MUZA: Brooklynn

Photographed By: Christiana Birch Written & Styled By: Stephanie Rommelt

coat:  Muza , Jewelry: Nina Rios

coat: Muza, Jewelry: Nina Rios


Brooklynn Gallagher encompasses everything that we view as a muse, our first “La Muza”, new sister, and badass business woman. From the start we were captivated by her contemporary, “simplistic with a pop of an unexpected charm” aesthetic cohesively displayed throughout her entire Instagram feed (@brooklynngallagher). We were inspired at first glance and needed to dig deeper into her world. The way she effortlessly styles her life is fresh and relatable, but completely original. The day of the photoshoot, Brooklynn arrived in our studio space well suited and well spoken with a spirit that was captured in front of our makeshift bohemian backdrop. Brooklyn is an influencer in all aspects, who speaks to who she is in-person and online, something we discussed the power of on set after a few snaps, as well as her adventurous love story.

Casa Muza serves as an open canvas, voicing female creatives’ legacies. What is your legacy or message that you wish to contribute to the world?

To remain authentic! I want to inspire other women to be true to who they are and help them to create their own individual style!

Who is your current Muse?

I have two muses! My modern muse is Courtney Trop from the blog AlwaysJudging. To me, she is someone who pushes styling past what all the other bloggers are doing and totally makes it her own. She feels very unique, and I look to her for a lot of style and beauty inspo. A muse that I've always resonated with is Bianca Jagger! She was the style queen of the 70’s and had such a dynamic style that ranges from menswear suiting to glamorous, feminine looks. I'll never forget her wedding look, as the true non-conformist she was, she wore a YSL tailored suit jacket with no bra, paired with a flowy skirt and oversized veiled hat. That look was strong, beautiful, and truly authentic!

Vintage Suit:  Modish Riot  Jewelry: Nina Rios

Vintage Suit: Modish Riot Jewelry: Nina Rios


What does it mean to you to be a muse for other women?

It means to take inspiration from others, not to copy, but to take from and turn into something that is unique to you. I think authenticity is the most important thing when thinking about style because we can take little pieces here and there and put them together and make it something completely original, that's style.

It means to take inspiration from others, not to copy, but to take from and turn into something that is unique to you.
— Brooklynn Gallager

What is your life motto or favorite quotes?

The only motto I have ever followed is “Work hard play hard but always enjoy the ride!”, This is something I got from my dad. He always taught me to work my ass off but do it while having the best damn time. At the end of the day if you work really hard, you will be rewarded in some way, so enjoy the ride.

Top & Bottoms:  Muza  Jewelry: Nina Rios

Top & Bottoms: Muza Jewelry: Nina Rios


As a creative, where do you find inspiration?

I find a lot of my inspiration through Instagram, which may sound lame, but I follow some incredible accounts! To be able to share all our ideas and concepts on one platform, with so many people is actually quite unbelievable. Whether they are art accounts, fashion, architecture, the list can go on, I find inspiration from all of them!

Vintage Suit:  Modish Riot  Jewelry: Nina Rios

Vintage Suit: Modish Riot Jewelry: Nina Rios


Share an accomplishment or a current project you’re working on.

I mean, currently, just being at Bulletin and working with the team is something I am really proud of! I have been following this company since it started and to say that now I working here is a huge accomplishment for me!

Side project wise, I have been working with some really cool brands such as Vitruvi, Mejuri, Dior Beauty, Janis Studios, and Happy Socks to name a few. I love collaborating with different brands because everyone is different and each partnership is unique. For example, I am working with Vitruvi, an essential oil company that, like Bulletin, is built by and designed for women! My recent project with them I was able to create a skincare formula that was designed specifically for my skin!!

What has been your biggest take away working for a women-run business such as Bulletin, with its mission to celebrate and support women?

Women-run businesses like Bulletin inspire me to be better, to work harder, and to be the strong badass woman I am. It has been very empowering coming to work every day with a full female team! To be a part of an environment that fosters change in the work industry and is bringing together all types of women to create positive support is very rewarding.


What does sustainable and ethical fashion mean to you?

Ethical/Sustainable fashion means creating changes in the fashion industry at an economic, environmental, and social level. Both “ethical fashion” and “sustainable fashion” are used interchangeably, but ultimately I think ethical/sustainable brands want the same thing. These brands are environmentally friendly, conscious of working conditions/human rights, and are creating sustainable alternatives to the entire manufacturing and production cycle. I applaud these types of brands because they are tackling the design process with a positive change in mind.

If you could choose a song to describe your life, which would it be?

Oh god, I have no idea! But I definitely don't think I could be just one.

What has been most inspiring to you about Casa Muza?

Casa Muza is super inspiring because it's bringing together women to create a dialogue that emphasizes individuality! The brand is unique in that it's very inclusive and eager to collaborate and gain inspiration from real people. So often you have brands that create a type of person for their brand, whereas Casa Muza is saying you are my brand let's connect and create together.

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