Polet met Leticia this year when she started working at Muza Studio in the lower east side. When Leticia first arrived to the space Polet and Nelida, Polet's assistant, immediately exclaimed... ''she is beautiful, wow, she looks like a model" and Leticia responded with an exclamatory "what?!".  They all simultaneously burst out laughing, and after talking for a while they discovered that she was an artist, originally from Spain, who moved to New York 6 years ago, that she is in fact not a model but she is a talented painter who is, like many artists, working to fulfill her dreams and passions. Over the last year they've become close friends and collaborators. You can find Leticia's work at Muza Store.

Where are you from?

From the Basque Country, in Spain. My hometown is Bilbao.

What is your favorite Muza piece and why?

Many of them. I love the bodysuits though, I can use them both as lingerie and as street wear.


What has been most inspiring for you about Muza?

The creator, Polet.

What is your favorite type of lingerie?

I love delicate lingerie- black and nude colors, sheer fabrics. Flattering, comfortable yet sexy.

What do you wear in bed?

Nothing in summer, warm ugly pajamas in winter, just some piece of lingerie if I have company hehe :)

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Who is your style icon?

Courtney Love and Charlotte Gainsbourg.

What is your life motto or favorite quotes?

It depends on the day and on the time of the day. 

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If you could choose a song to describe your life which would it be and why?

'Resistiré' by Dúo Dinámico (kind of the Spanish version of 'I will survive') when I'm down. I love its intensity and dramaticism. 'Bailando' by Alaska y los Pegamoides when I'm up, because its funky and punky. 'Dirt' by Iggy Pop anytime. It seems and sounds dark, but its actually delivers a beautiful and enlightened message.

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As a creative, where do you find inspiration?

In other artists and in perfect strangers I meet, the ones that truly surprise me with their beauty.

Polet Guzman