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The Story

In astrology, this cosmic rite of passage explains how every twenty-seven to twenty-nine years Saturn returns to the same zodiac sign as when you were born, completing an entire orbit around the sun. Saturn is “The Great Taskmaker of the Skies” and father of the planets in greek mythology, represented in Saturn Devouring his Son, Goya. The painting speaks to how Saturn compels us to reconnect with our purpose and confront our fears.

In this time of Polet’s life, she felt her whole life stop. She is currently in the processes of internalization; an introspective of who she is and what she wants to give to the world. Muza is now, returning to its tropical soul. Because as Polet reveals, “There is no worse fear than losing who you are and not walking your path.”

“This collection is a self-portrait of my being, leaving everything I feel and everything I am in full vulnerability.”
— Polet Guzmán

With this as our foundation, we partnered with an ethical and sustainable women’s co-op in Guatemala, along with using recycled fabrics and natural dyes in order to break through societal norms of the fashion industry. Retorno’s intrinsic nature allows us to make an impact and stay true to the origins of Muza, created to empower women through wearable art.


A Note From
The Designer:


I am an artist born in Puerto Rico, now living in New York City for the past five years. This city has taught me that mental and spiritual peace is the most important thing. I am a person that I enjoys the simplicities of life, like coffee in the morning, watering plants, watching how they bloom, and my great passion of painting. In this collection, I want to represent each piece like a work of art. I want to leave the technicality of constructing the garments and immerse myself in the creation of detail, which is the root of what Muza originally was; to use the pieces as if they were a canvas. -Polet Guzmán