Muza is Casa Muza's in house ready-to-wear brand created by self-taught designer and artist Polet Guzmán, a Puerto Rican native now based in New York.

What started out as a simple silk screened t-shirt line back in Puerto Rico has transformed into a medium to empower women through wearable art. Her signature hand screen printed drawings, bohemian and nomadic aesthetic, characterize her designs for fearless woman on the go. Muza is Polet's interpretation of the word “muse” since her inspiration comes from strong, confident, and powerful women who aren’t afraid to express themselves through what they wear.


Photo by Maru for Aida


Sustainable Production

We believe that sustainability is key to the production of our collections. All of our patterns and samples are designed in our Lower East Side studio in New York, then manufactured in partnership with a small production Co-Op by Artisans from Guatemala called Createx. During our travels to visit the production house in Guatemala we've developed a close relationship with the artisans who create each piece, ensuring fair trade,ethical and safe work environments.


The New Collection

This collection is a self-portrait of my being, leaving everything I feel and everything I am in full vulnerability.
— Polet Guzmán, Founder of Muza

And that is what the Return of Saturn has laid upon Polet Guzman as her new collection, titled Retorno.

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