MEET LA MUZA: Kryztal Lee


Kryztal Lee is a painter, performer, mother and activist based in Puerto Rico. Back in 2008, Polet and Kryztal went to Art School together. Polet was instantly fascinated with Kryztal because of her 'bruja energy" and her talent. To Polet, Kryztal was one of the best painters in her major. She sees Kryztal as a very powerful goddess who breaks society's boundaries and conditionings. For those same reasons, Kryztal Lee was her first Muza Model when it all started in 2010.

Who is your current muse?

My current muses are the women represented in Prehistoric, Ancient African and Pre-Columbian art. Basically, anyone that brings out the ancient wild woman I know I am and that i feel the urge to awaken, especially as a Caribbean woman and mother. I’ve been working on observing the synchronicity between my menstrual cycle and the moon cycle. It has completely strengthened a comforting cone within our original and timeless identity.


What does it mean to you to be a muse to other women?

For me, being a muse to other women means that I serve as a messenger of the ancient identity that empowers and belongs to everyone. Power that I believe could ultimately heal our world.


What is your life motto or favorite quote?

My life mottos are:
“Lo Siento, Perdón,Gracias, Te Amo” from shamanic spiritual teachings, and
“¡Que se joda!” from local street slang.

If you could choose a song to describe your life ,which would it be?

It would have to be a remix of “Threat to the Status Quo” by Jah9 and Akae Beka, “Brujas” by Princess Nokia, “Alegría” by Tego Calderón... and “La Cartera” by Bad Bunny & Farruko.


How does living in Puerto Rico inspire you to create?

Because of our history and our particular social and political status, living in Puerto Rico inspires me to create art that represents the rebirth of our original American, Caribbean and African heritages that have been corrupted with the conquest of the Americas.


What is your voice as a Puerto Rican female artist?

As a Puerto Rican female artist, I feel I must use my voice to celebrate the return of our original, magical, wild nature and identity within our contemporary urban context.


What has been most inspiring to you about Casa Muza?

What inspires me the most about Casa Muza is its bold, elegant and naturally fierce feminine vibe that puts me in a subtle “boss bitch mood”… Which I find fun and healing!

Polet Guzman