Karen and Polet (founder of I Love Muza) met in Art School, while completing a BFA in painting. In 2012 they were featured in a women show together in San Juan Puerto Rico. They collaborated on different projects, including a mural for Art Basel Miami and became good friends. Karen’s work mixes textile, tricot and other fabrics and materials to paintings. Polet developed a huge admiration for Karen since in her work are combined both worlds: textile and painting. Karen has been part of the 14th International Triennal of Tapestry, the VI International Biennal for Contemporary Textile Art in Veracruz, Mexico and many more.

Currently living and working in Puerto Rico, she is finishing her Masters degree in education and is a big source of inspiration for women in the Puerto Rican art scene.

Who is your current muse?

My current muse is the japanese contemporary artist Yayoi Kusama.  She is currently the biggest inspiration for my work. In studying her work it has taught me that there are things in life that occur without explanation, they just happen because they happen. I admire her personal philosophy and style. Our work shares similarities in the compulsive repetition, sequences, patterns, shapes and the minute things that often go unnoticed.

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What does it mean to you to be a muse for other women?

It’s truly a pleasure to be a muse. I feel extremely inspired by other women and it’s an honor that others might consider me and my artwork an inspiration. I believe, wholeheartedly that together we can accomplish infinite amounts, and just like me, there are thousands of women who have a lot to contribute.  

Gallery 2020, Entrenudos, Santurce Puerto Rico

Gallery 2020, Entrenudos, Santurce Puerto Rico


What is your life motto or favorite quote?

My favorite quote is “No dejes que nada ni nadie te quite la paz” or “Do not let anyone or anything disrupt your peace”. Life is too short to not live it to the max, and to let insignificant occurences upset you. I believe we should be and do what makes us happy as often as life permits. Because when you are happy, you make others happy too.


If you could choose a song to describe your life, which would it be?

It’s difficult to choose just one song in particular, people close to me know that I identify with many different songs and artists. I think the perfect song at this moment and for this interview is: Eterno Femenino  by the 80’s band, La Mode.  


How does living in Puerto Rico inspire you to create?

The art scene in Puerto Rico is very competitive, living on the island has taught me to stay tough, stick with it no matter what. In addition to this our culture here is so vibrant, rich colors and the energy we receive from the ocean are definitely huge inspirations.


What is your voice as a Puerto Rican female artist?

As I mentioned earlier, like myself, there are many women who have a lot to say, stories and live to share. I want to be a voice that says, “Never give up on yourself and your dreams”. Also, life requires sacrifice and patience. I hope my voice inspires self trust and the desire for people to pursue the things that truly make them feel the most alive.


What has been most inspiring to you about Casa Muza?

What inspires me most is the desire to express our feminine creativity through art and design. The aspiration to unify, create a community and support network for women to create together.

Polet Guzman