A Shared, Sustainable, Sisterhood

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By: Stephanie Rommelt

Tucked into the heart of the Lower East-Side lies Muza Concept Store. Nestled in a neighborhood of art galleries, cafes, and boutiques, 83A Hester Street is home to Puerto Rican creative, Polet Guzman’s coworking inspired store. Walking up the stairs of what used to be Hester Studios is a space transformed by Polet herself, partner Odin Grina and many others who carried out her vision of an unconventional studio and retail space. What once was an empty studio, is now a lush greenery and light drenched haven showcasing local New York City fashion designers’ delicacies.

The concept of the Muza store is designed to provide a platform for emerging innovators to hand make and sell wearable art. With these three elements of a shared, sustainable, sisterhood to guide our purpose and passions, we empower women to flourish.


We believe that collaboration is QUEEN. The shared studio separated from the retail space in the front, allows for women to create a community that uplifts each other in an encouraging environment. “It's a source of inspiration and I feel supported”.

Our most recent photoshoot highlights both Muza and Skin Onionpieces combined to pull together an authentic, contemporary look. Skin Onion too, inspired by her Puerto Rican background emphasizes characteristics of vintage and layered dimensions. We paired each style with accessories from fellow Puerto Rican jewelry designers, Cordillera and Luiny. Cordillera integrates organic, geometric and modern shapes into her works while Luiny, self-taught, is inspired by a variety of forms, ornaments and textures. With focus and artistic expression, model Larissa Santiago effortlessly brought the designs to life.

A pivotal aspect of our shared space for women is building a community through hosting a variety of workshops, networking events, discussions, and celebrations. Join the Muza Concept’s sisterhood! Sign up for our newsletter and stay connected for all the latest news and events or follow us @ilovemuza!



Featured in Nylon Magazine, Muza and Skin Onion are recognized as Puerto Rican Designers Focus on Sustainability.“Sustainable smart growth is a very real concern for Puerto Rican designers both on the island and in the diaspora.” Their homeland continues to influence business decisions and values carried out in their New York based fashion brands. Following Hurricane Maria, they feel more inclined than ever to make a conscious effort to use their resources ethically.

Polet’s most recent excursion to Guatemala will expand her handmade garments to be produced in a partnered co-op, creating jobs for women this summer. The garments themselves are made with love, which consist of 100% recycled fabrics and natural dyes.

“We are a small island.

We can’t afford to waste things.”

-Guzman & Mejias

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Our mission is to celebrate diversity in sisterhood not only this National Women’s Month but as a foundation driving Muza. The overall concept of the store was developed by a proud Latina woman to encourage women to create, make positive change, and embrace their roots while feeling strong and sexy in their natural skin. With this idea of wearable art, maintaining a shared, sustainable, sisterhood, we are dedicated to the progression of a women supporting women future.


Polet Guzman