MEET LA MUZA: Julianna

In bed with...Julianna


Julianna runs the marketing and Social Media for Muza. It all started in  2014 when she decided to move from Puerto Rico to NY in hopes of growing to blossom in the big city. We originally were introduced to Julianna through her sister, one of our first models back in 2012. She immediately expressed her passion for helping to start and run a small business.  This is how she joined our small but unique brand and how she became a big piece in Muza family. 

Where are you from?

I’m from Puerto Rico and  currently live in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

What do you do at Muza?

I manage the social media and branding. I also assist in things related to business development. My brain works that way, I can’t just do one thing.



What is your favorite Muza piece and why?

I’ve always loved the bodysuits, I have the dirty hippie bodysuit from last summer and I love the colors and shape. They are always high cut and have a lower back so they are really comfy. I’m also obsessed with my John Choker and I wear it all the time.

What has been most inspiring for you about Muza?

The fact that we are a group of girls that make things happen. We support and love each other professionally and personally. I call the team the ‘Muza army’.

What is your favorite type of lingerie?

I love bralettes because I hate padded bras and they are so comfy. I have small boobs so the lighter the better.

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What do you wear in bed?

Usually just a t-shirt and undies. If it’s cold maybe a sweater.

Who is your style icon?

I have many! I’m obsessed with effortlessly cool women like Erin Wasson, Alexa Chung, Diane Keaton and Caroline de Maigret. I’m more of a jeans and a t-shirt girl but I do like  playing with colors and patterns sometimes. I’m known for always wearing black, ha!

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What is your live motto or favorite quotes?

At this point of my life I think my life motto is to go with your gut always. As a very intuitive person, I think that has led me to where I am right now as a woman and as a professional. I also believe that learning and growing is very important so any chance I have to do so I take advantage of it. I’m a nerd so knowledge is super important to me.

I love a quote by Diane Von Furstenberg that says: ‘The most important relationship you have is with yourself. Everything else is a plus not a must.’ 

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If you could choose a song to describe your life which would it be and why?

Everybody but me by Lykke Li, I've always related to her in general. I'm the type of person that doesn't like the usual, I'm quiet and I enjoy being a wallflower.

As a creative, where do you find inspiration?

For me I find inspiration in little things, mostly ugly things or things that people would take for granted. I think vulnerability and imperfections are beautiful. I enjoy taking pictures of unusual, abstract and random things I find on my walks, commute, etc.

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